How to write an essay

How to write an essay
1. Think about the subject and jot down the ideas as they come to your mind.
2. Arrange your ideas in a proper order.
3. Divide your essay in headings and give one paragraph to each heading.
4. Use simple words and short sentences.
5. Avoid repetition.
6. Attend to grammar, idioms, spellings and punctuation.

The length of an essay
School essays should not be long. Do not write more than to pages of an examination book. If the examiner has laid down any length, stick to it.

How to draw up an outline 
The following specimen outlines of descriptive and narrative essays will prove useful:
1. Animals and birds.
· Description.
· Where found?
· Kinds.
· Habits.
· Food.
· Usefulness.

2. Plants and fruits.
· What it is and where grown?
· Kinds.
· How cultivated?
· How collected?
· Usefulness.

3. Towns and villages.
· Name.
· Situation.
· Geographical features.
· Special features(public buildings, mosques, gardens, schools, water supply, cleanliness, etc)
· Inhabitants(population, religion, habits and customs)
· Any historical importance.

4. Seasons.
· What time is it?
· State of the sky and of the earth.
· Natural vegetation.
· Advantages and disadvantages.

5. Minerals.
· What is it and where found?
· How obtained.
· Its qualities.
· Usefulness.

6. Buildings.
· Where situated?
· Who built it and why?
· Its description-material of which it is built, walls, rooms, storeys, how furnished, general appearance.Propose for which it is used